AI writing for achieving top SERP rankings

Produce high-quality, AI-powered, SEO-Optimized articles to help your site rank in the top results of Google, in few clics, for a fraction of the price.

Pirateblog is an AI writing tool trained and tested on over 10,000 blog posts with a sole focus: to create highly optimized SEO articles that consistently rank #1 on Google SERPs. That’s our commitment.
No random bulk generation,
only High Quality blog posts.

What our users tell about us

No names here, pirate code. Give us your reviews in the in-app support section, you’ll be anon!

“Honestly, quite impressed, much better than Writesonic.”


January 19th, 2023

“Solid, 8th place, just shaved off 10 seconds of my time…”
– within 5 days


January 2nd, 2024

“Your product is awesome, the time savings with the interface are incredible.

You can always DIY a solution, but I’m a big fan of your product.I’ve started creating articles for my new SaaS, it’s clean.”


December 27th, 2023

“Honestly, I find the website very intuitive to use. The writing and structuring performance are very similar to high-quality blog articles. The summary and table of contents are excellent ideas for organizing a blog post!

A tool I might use again in the future.”


December 25th, 2023

Generate articles and topic clusters in a flash

In just a few clicks, PirateBlog allows you to generate highly optimized articles and topic clusters for ranking in the SERP.

Do you want to add hundreds of pages to your blog in just a few minutes? The best time to start positioning yourself in Google search results is now!

Intuitive, auto or advanced mode, free & high quality image

Here is the resulting article of the demo

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The most high-performing AI writing &
SEO article generator on the market

Pirateblog was meticulously crafted with a single-minded mission: to deliver lightning-fast, high-quality, and high-performance blog articles that empower your blog’s growth within your niche.

Topic cluster

Fully automate the generation of customized topic clusters, complete with pillar pages and internal linking. With just a few clicks, create the most efficient SEO tool that content writers used to spend several days crafting!


All the generated contents respect the latest Best-in-class SEO rules to perform in the SERP (structure, meta, keyword density, etc.). Our AI writing tool has been meticulously trained to adhere to industry best practices and is equipped with high-performance algorithms.

Higly customisable

You have a total control of your article. You can either choose to generate the whole full article automatically, or customize every steps like the title, the outline, additional instrcutions in each parts, the image, etc.

Competition analysis

(Coming soon) We integrated a web scraper that analyses the best competitors' websites' structures for the given keyword so your article is ready to rank 1!

1,000 to 2,500 words

Create blog posts up to 2,500 words. 1,000 words articles are split into 3 x h2 sections, 1,600 words articles into 4 x h2 sections and 2,500 words into 5 x h2 sections.


We support 3 languages so far: English, Spanish and French. We will add new languages very soon.

Featured image

Pirateblog automatically finds for you a curated selection of the best images to attached to your article, based on your keyword and the subject of the article.

Wordpress integration

Export your articles in 1 clic directly into WordPress, while preserving Gutenberg blocks, making it easy for you to modify them. Meta tags, title, featured image, alt text are also seamlessly integrated into your WordPress!

Why is PirateBlog the best AI writer on the market?

While there are already dozens of them.

Well, it’s simple. None of them satisfied our needs as SEO experts (agency founders).


It all started in July 2023. At that time, as founders of an SEO agency, we managed several company blogs for our clients. With the emergence of AI, we naturally turned to using AI for blog article creation – to save time, reduce our prices – thus increasing our client base and margins. After testing dozens of solutions emerging in the market, we concluded that they weren’t sufficient for proper Google positioning. We had to go through them one by one to review the plan, add all the SEO tags, review the images, etc.

We then decided to leverage all our SEO expertise to develop our own article generation tool.

And the difference was a no-brainer. We managed to position ourselves in the top 3 results within a few weeks! (please note, it wasn’t magical, the key remains good keyword research).

After testing our small Python program running locally with entrepreneur friends, we knew we were onto something big! PirateBlog was born!

Topic cluster

Given the excellent results of unique articles, any good SEO professional will tell you that a unique article is good, but a good internal linking structure is also crucial to increase authority in your sector. And thus, improve positioning in search results. That’s how we tackled the automation of semantic cocoon creation. This new feature is unique in the market. And it’s incredibly effective!

Competition analysis

Pirateblog meticulously scans the website structures of top competitors for the selected keyword. It assesses the relevance of these structures and incorporates this analysis when generating the article’s structure and content.

Try it for yourself!


Want to see some samples?

Easy! Take a look at our blog!
Every article is generated with the help of PirateBlog 🙂

Check out the latest ones below.

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PirateBlog is an AI writing tool designed to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized articles and topic clusters effortlessly. Trained and tested on over 10,000 blog posts, PirateBlog focuses on creating content that consistently ranks #1 on Google SERPs.

Unlike random bulk generation tools, PirateBlog emphasizes quality over quantity, providing only high-quality blog posts.

With just a few clicks, PirateBlog allows you to generate SEO-optimized articles and topic clusters, enabling you to expand your blog’s content and improve your SERP rankings quickly.

Absolutely! PirateBlog offers intuitive customization options, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your articles, from titles to outlines, to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Currently, PirateBlog supports English, Spanish, and French, with plans to add more languages in the future to cater to a wider audience.

PirateBlog seamlessly integrates with WordPress, allowing you to export articles directly into your WordPress site with just one click. This integration preserves Gutenberg blocks and ensures smooth incorporation of meta tags, titles, featured images, and alt text. The articles are also super charged with some attributs, like Ids, to ease the customization of your css.

Yes, you can! PirateBlog offers 3 articles for free! You can generate your first three articles without providing any credit card information. Experience the power of GPT-4 and revolutionize your content creation process today.


Semantic cocoons, also known as topic clusters, are a crucial SEO concept aimed at enhancing website authority and improving search engine rankings by interlinking related content around a central pillar page.

PirateBlog is proud to be the pioneer in offering automated semantic cocoon creation, a unique feature in the market. By generating customized topic clusters effortlessly, PirateBlog helps users strengthen their online presence and dominate search engine results pages effectively.

This advanced technique, once the domain of SEO experts, is now accessible to all through PirateBlog.

For more info, read this excellent article of Hubspot

Hiring an external content writer in the United States can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per article, depending on various factors such as the writer’s experience, project complexity, and desired quality. Hourly rates typically vary between $50 and $200 or more. PirateBlog offers a cost-effective alternative with transparent pricing and flexible subscription plans. By leveraging PirateBlog, businesses can save substantially on content creation costs while maintaining high-quality standards and achieving exceptional results in SEO rankings.